What Is the Fastest Internet Service Available?


The Internet has long been associated with the telecommunications and Television industry. Internet service providers, before the emergence of the internet, were first telephone companies that provided telephone communication.

In the beginning, they started off providing Internet access to the public through dial-up connection, which didn’t need new infrastructure or equipment to be installed since it only required the same conventional telephone network to be used. Dial up access to the internet took some time to establish a connection between end users and the ISPs; nevertheless, they were very popular in their days and were probably the only choice Internet users had. The maximum Internet speed from a Dial up Internet service is 56 kilobits per second, a modem would be used to establish a connection from the user’s computer to the ISP. A modem is a device that converts digital data to analog data, and reconverts it back to digital at the receiving end.

The next technology to come into the public was Broadband Internet connections, like DSL, Cable and Fiber Optics.

DSL stands for “Digital Subscriber Line”. Like the dial up connection, it also uses a modem for data transmission through the local telephone network, but is much faster, providing internet speed up to 3 Megabits per second, although the speed performance for DSL varies according to different ISPs. This technology has been improving lately so its bandwidth is increasing.

Another Broadband service is cable internet connection. Unlike Dial up and DSL, it uses the public cable TV infrastructure and is much faster than both Dial up and DSL. Its speed reaches up to 30 Megabits per second, although it is said that most ISPs provide only between 1 to 6 Megabits per second to end users, and due to what is called “Bandwidth sharing”, Internet speed in an area or neighborhood will vary.

Finally, the fastest Internet service provided by ISPs is Fiber Optics connection. Fiber optics has advantages over the other internet services because of its high speed transmission over long distances, the low cost of maintenance, and its resistance towards interference. Being a new technology to the public, not many internet service providers offer this service. If you are looking for fastest internet providers in your area go to fiberinternetinmyarea.com, here you can compare internet speed, price, features of different internet providers in your area.

It is said that the fastest Internet service can reach up to the speed of 1000 Megabits per second. Fiber optics uses light transferred through glass technology to communicate data from one end to another, unlike the other broadband technologies that use electrical signals.


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